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Getting your mare ready

Getting your mare ready to be served is a complex process that involves much expertise, you can have this prepared prior to arrival or our on site specialist reproductive vet will carry out tests and scans to determine when is the optimum time to walk the mare to the stallion.
Once the time is right the mare is taken to the stallion they are covered and can be driven back home or can stay to agist at Dome Stud.
Post service
Post service to give the pregnancy every chance of taking. In 14 days she is scanned to see if she is in foal or not. She is checked at 30 days but the 45-day scan is the marker that she is in foal.

Prepare your broodmare for the breeding season
Any horse entering the breeding season should above all be healthy.  Make sure your mare is up-to-date on all vaccinations and worming; have hooves been examined and trimmed, have the teeth been evaluated and floated.  A rising plain of nutrition is essential to fertility and particular attention should be paid to nutrition.  Handling is important as well, ensure your horse is comfortable being handled all over, is used to confined spaces and floats/trucks well.  Stress will impact on fertility and time spent desensitising your horse will help to reduce this.

Examine your mare
Regardless of her age, a mare should be examined for reproductive soundness before breeding.  The aim of this examination is to determine if there are any underlying issues present that may need treatment or management to ensure the success of breeding the mare and carrying a foal to full term.  Typically, the external and internal genitalia of the mare are examined physically, with a speculum and with an ultrasound.  Depending upon the stage of the mare’s reproductive cycle, some problems like fluid or air accumulation in the uterus for example may or may not be detected.  Other tests, if indicated, could include uterine cytology, culture or biopsy.

Walk Ons

Walk on mares – ie mares are cycling, scanned, ready to be served and taken home.

Mares Residing at Dome Stud

For boarding mares:
Additional fees incurred for mares residing at dome stud
Dry mare Agistment
Vet scan at 14/30/45 days
Foaling down


• A breeding contract must be presented each time a mare is bred
• All mares must have proper identification when presented for breeding (halter or neckstrap with nameplate)
• Owners wishing to have their mares covered may be required to provide a uterine swab certificate from the oestrus in which she is to be bred stating that the mare does not carry any significant infections that may be transmitted to the stallion
• All maiden mares must be jumped prior to their first visit
• All mares must have hind shoes removed
• Dome Stud will make every reasonable attempt to impregnate your mare, but reserves the right not to breed
the mare at any given session if mare is deemed a danger to the stallion and/or staff